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Fotografiskas food creator Paul Svensson cooking with Dan Barber in London

Pressmeddelande   •   Mar 31, 2017 17:55 CEST

Christofer Ekman and Paul Svensson, food creators at Fotografiska now guest chefs at Dan Barbers pop up-restaurant wastED at the top of Selfridges in London. Photo: Johan Ståhlberg

Fotografiskas food creator Paul Svensson cooking with Dan Barber in London

It is an impressed and inspired Dan Barber who now invites Fotografiskas Paul Svensson and Christofer Ekman to his succésfull and thought-provoking food waste pop-up. Friday they serve meals to dream of at the roof of Selfridges in London.

Selfridges London is teaming up with New York's internationally acclaimed Blue Hill restaurants to bring their thought-provoking food waste pop-up, wastED, to Oxford Street.

wastED London is open until 2 April 2017, and is chef Dan Barber's first cooking appearance for the public in London.

Building on the UK's vibrant food waste movement, wastED London has joined forces with local farmers, fishermen, suppliers and retailers to reimagine by-products at every link in the food chain. Dan Barber will share the stove with guest chefs from throughout Europe who will contribute their own waste-based dishes to the menu.

Two of the prominent guest chefs are Fotografiskas award winning food creator Paul Svensson and Christoffer Ekman and recent got White Guides honorable prize ”Terroir of the Year 2017”. A result of the main goal to provide food and drink experiences that describes a place, time of the year, the specific flavour and quality of products from our region and climate zone.

"Chefs are increasingly gravitating toward vegetable focused menus, reinventing fine dining along the way. Except Paul was doing that 20 years ago—with passion and precision, and largely under the radar", says an impressed Dan Barber.

The philosophy when it comes to creating food at Fotografiska is sustainble pleasure or "a green food filosofi".

The dishes creates out of a plant in perfect season and serve meat or fish as a side. It is not a vegetarian nor a vegan cuisine but mainly plantbased.

"To be invited of Dan Barber as guest chefs is such a great honour and totally in line with our way We are in for the search of perfect proportion for pleasure, health and enviroment. The restaurant are truly looking into the possibility of becoming a zerowaste restaurant thru pleasure and quriosity. Without losing the focus on creating the best priceworthy meals", says a happy and proud Paul Svensson.

Fotografiskais one of the world’s largest venues for photography. No ordinary museum, Fotografiska is an international meeting place with inspiring world-class photography exhibitions at its heart. Fotografiska’s mission is to make accessible both established and cutting-edge photography, for knowledge and to experience the infinite expressions and meanings of photography. Fotografiska is a force of positive influence on society, inspiring a more conscious world. Therefore is our price winning food&beverage focused on no waste and saving the planet through serving vegetables with added meat, instead of the opposite.

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